A-Site, Al-Shaheen field

Telic Engineering received a request to support our client Turner Engine Control Solutions (TECS) to visit A-Site platform, offshore Doha, Qatar, for troubleshooting a Cummins emergency diesel generator governor, EPG electronic control instabilities.

This task was considered critical considering that emergency power is the back-up power for the Al-Shaheen field in case of main power generation loss. During this visit performed electrical checks, functional checks, tuned the governor dynamics, and performed inspections. This resulted in several findings, identifying a cause of the instabilities and issuing recommendations to prevent a re-occurrence. Further this was documented in a detailed service report for the customer EnerMech, and the end user North Oil Company.

A-Site is one of the platforms in the Al-Shaheen oil field which is a production oil and gas field off the north east coast of Qatar in the Persian Gulf, 80 kilometers north of Doha, Qatar. The oil field lies above the North Gas Field, one of the largest gas fields in the world with facilities including 33 platforms and more than 300 wells.

North Oil Company has the ownership and operates the Al-Shaheen field and is a joint venture in which Qatar Petroleum holds 70% and French TotalEnergies 30%.

The Woodward EPG electronic control has been built with dynamics designed for specific engine applications. It is located in a cast aluminum housing. In operation, the control compares the speed of the engine with the desired speed or load and sets the actuator position to correct discrepancies. Gain and stability dynamic adjustments tailor the governors response to the specific engine.