Annual Inspection, Brae Alpha Platform

Telic Engineering completed an assignment for Woodward, representing their client Baker Hughes at TAQA Brae Alpha platform, located offshore Aberdeen, UK.

The primary task involved conducting an annual inspection focused on the instrumentation and control systems of the LM2500+ G4 SAC gasturbine generator package. This comprehensive inspection is vital for ensuring optimal performance and reliability of the gasturbine.

In addition to the inspection, provided crucial support for the startup of the gas turbine.

More specifically the inspection included:

  • Calibration of Instrumentation: We ensured the accuracy and reliability of all instrumentation, which is crucial for optimal turbine protection, performance, and control functionality.
  • Functional Safety Checks: Performed rigorous checks of safety systems, including gas detectors, overspeed detection, and shutdown functionalities. These checks are essential for detecting hazardous gas leaks, preventing damaging turbine runaway conditions, and ensuring other critical shutdown processes.
  • Calibration of Gas Turbine Variable Geometry: This calibration is vital for maintaining the turbine’s responsiveness and efficiency, especially during start-up and load changes.
  • Compatibility Check for Obsolete Parts: We assessed the compatibility of obsolete parts with replacement parts to ensure seamless integration into the current system. This step is necessary for the installation of new, more efficient components.
  • Troubleshooting and Fault Resolution: Successfully identified and resolved faults, such as issues in the gas metering valve driver. This not only addresses immediate operational challenges but also enhances the long-term reliability of the turbine.

The successful completion of this annual inspection and support for the gas turbine package reaffirms our strong commitment and expertise in maintaining the highest standards of performance and reliability.