Millcreek – Control Upgrade

Telic Engineering Ltd was subcontracted and represented our client during an upgrade at Millcreek Power Station located in St. George, Utah, US.

Specifically the hardware was upgraded from a NetCon to a MicroNet Plus control system which interfaces with the existing field devices and on-engine hardware that provide core fuel control, package sequencing, and protection for a LM6000 PD DLE gas turbine generator that is utilized by the City of St. George as a so called peaker, i.e. delivering electrical power during high demands such as during the summer when the usage of air conditioning units results in a substantial increase of the power consumption in the region.

History of Millcreek Power Station

The upgraded unit was constructed at the Millcreek Power Station in May of 2005 and was completed a year later. It is a natural gas fired facility consisting of a generator and a General Electric LM6000 PD, DLE turbine producing up to 40 megawatts of electrical power. Energy generated from this facility is used primarily to meet the growing summer demand.

An expansion to this facility begun in May of 2009. The planned expansion included the addition of another 40 megawatt turbine and facilities to house the staff that operates the facility. This turbine went online in May of 2010.