Sabah Electricity (SESB) – Tawau

Telic Engineering was assigned, prior to Covid-19 crisis, to support Mechanical Field Support B.V. and their customer Sabah Electricity (SESB) located in Tawau, Malaysia.

Sabah Electricity Sdn. Bhd. (SESB) is an electrical company that generates, transmits and distributes electricity mainly in Sabah and Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia. It supplies electrical power to 413,983 customers.

Specifically the task was to troubleshoot an issue in which the GE LM2500 SAC gasturbine-generator encountered speed instabilities. During this troubleshooting the Woodward Liquid Fuel Metering Valve would be calibrated.

On arrival on site it was found that the Woodward Atlas 2 control had lost all communication, and there was a ground fault on the system. Telic Engineering contacted and received excellent support from the Woodward help desk and their product engineer after which it was concluded that this is a known issue in the board itself that can not be repaired in the field. A replacement Atlas 2 was recommended, located, and purchased by the customer.