Bridge Power Project – Ghana

Telic Engineering received prior to the Covid-19 crisis an assignment from Pro-Per Energy Services to support GE Power with commissioning activities as a control and instrumentation engineer for five TM2500 generation 8 units, consisting of LM2500+ G4 SAC gasturbines and auxiliaries. These are installed as part of the Bridge Power Project in Ghana.

Pro-Per is a company providing services and has been founded in 2007. Power plants Installation & Commissioning, Dismantling, Relocation/Re-powering, Operation and Maintenance services, manpower provision for planned maintenance and outages and spare parts sales services are the main areas of the company.

With more than 20 years of experience and 300 units installed around the world, the TM2500 is a proven solution for providing a baseload bridge to permanent power installations or for generating backup power in the wake of natural disasters, plant shutdowns, grid instability or isolated locations.

Designed to operate for 25 years, the Bridge power plant will be a mix of both open and combined-cycle configuration. Stage one of the project has been subdivided into 1a and 1b with capacities of 142.5MW and 51.5MW respectively. Stage 1a will be an open cycle configuration that is installed with five GE TM2500+ generator sets, including five LM 2500 gas turbines. Stage 1b will comprise one GE steam turbine generator to enable combined-cycle operation. Additionally, five once-through steam generators, one air-cool condenser, on-site LPG storage and transportation pipeline and other balance of plant equipment, will be added during the stage. Stage two of the project has also been subdivided into 2a and 2b, with capacities of 160MW and 46MW respectively. Stage 2a will include the installation of four GE LM 6000 PC Sprint gas turbines in open cycle configuration, while 2b will add one GE steam turbine generator to enable combined-cycle operation. Stage 2b will also add four heat recovery steam generators, one air-cool condenser and other balance of plant equipment.

Sub-Saharan Africa represents less than 20% of the population of the world but it also represents 50% of the world population who does not have access to consistent-reliable power.

GE Power is adding 150 MW Reliable, Accessible and Fast Power to Ghanaian Grid to improve the electricity production and achieved a successful COD on liquid fuel in the first Phase of Bridge Power Project in Ghana.