About Remco

Born in 1973 in the center of The Netherlands and moved to Amsterdam in 1994 to study at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.  Here I accomplished in four years time a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Operational Technologies, specializing in Aeronautical Engineering.

My career started in 1998 working for a leading manufacturer doing field service, commissioning, and application engineering on turbo machinery such as gas turbines, steam turbines and compressors. In this role I have been able to combine my love for travel and fascination for technology in continous changing environments.

In 2008 I started to deliver services as an independent contractor to fulfill the need for new challenges and in this role I support a wider range of clients and projects.

Up to now I have gained 21 years of experience delivering services in electrical, instrumentation, and controls with gas turbines, steam turbines, compressors and diesel generators that are used in the energy, marine, oil & gas industry.

The definition of Telic is ‘Purposeful’ and this is what I achieve through every client on each project. I have completed through the years numerous engineering and commissioning projects on an international level for my clients and their customers, a wide range of leading manufacturers and end users.

Safety first applies to any job or location. I have achieved the following environment, health, safety and offshore safety training and certification:

  • NEN3140.

SCC VCA-VOL certification consists of:

  • Legislation,
  • Risk of accident,
  • Hazardous substances,
  • Fire hazard,
  • Explosion hazard,
  • Working in confined spaces,
  • Common working safely,
  • Working safely with electricity,
  • Safe working with tools,
  • Safe working with hoist and forklifts,
  • Safe working at heights,
  • Lifting, tripping, slipping and falling,
  • Personal protective equipment.

BOSIET certification is valid in NOGEPA, OLF and OPITO offshore locations and consists of:

  • Safety induction,
  • Fire safety and basic firefighting,
  • First aid,
  • Helicopter safety,
  • Escape and survival at sea.

NEN3140 certification is the Dutch implementation of the European standard EN50110-1 and applies to all electrical systems with a nominal voltage of up to 1000 VAC or 1500 VDC. It consists of:

  • Dutch workplace rules and legislation,
  • Contents of the NEN3140:2011,
  • Electrical safety: risks and hazards,
  • Responsibilities and named persons according to NEN3140,
  • Work and operational procedures according to NEN3140,
  • Personal protection equipment for electrical safety,
  • Isolated tools and measurement equipment.

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Do you want to know more? Just contact me or send me an e-mail, remco.petersen@telic-engineering.nl.

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