Commissioning Manager

 Commissioning Manager

Following an installation phase or mechanical completion perform a period of testing ensuring that all commissioning activities are carried out to for the delivery of a fully operational project complete in every respect.

The equipment and systems are verified to meet functional specifications including all commissioning documentation, reviews for performance, reliability, durability of operation, accessibility, maintainability, operational efficiency under all conditions of operation, protection of health, welfare, safety and comfort of occupants and O&M personnel, and this is completed once the control and responsibility are transferred from project or non-operational status to an operational status.

The tasks of a commissioning manager includes:

  • Role in directing the team in determining and performing commissioning activities.
  • Determines and collects all required records for hand-over to the end-user.
  • Manage and supervise the commissioning of various subsystems.
  • Work closely with project manager, engineering manager, design teams to provide subject matter advice and leadership.
  • Provide input on as-built drawings and documentation.
  • Involved in supplier meetings to resolve issues.


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