5009FT Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) Fault Tolerant Steam Turbine Control

Woodward’s 5009FT TMR controls industrial steam turbines of all sizes and types in system-critical applications requiring maximum reliability and availability. This steam turbine controller includes specifically-designed algorithms and logic to start, stop, control, and protect industrial steam turbines or turbo-expanders, driving compressors, generators, or pumps. 

Designed for today’s plant standardization practices, the 5009FT control system’s versatile program can be configured to control steam turbines that are: 

  • single valve
  • single extraction
  • single admission
  • single extraction/admission 

The 5009FT control’s unique PID structure makes it ideal for petrochemical or power generation applications where it is required to control steam plant parameters like:

  •  compressor speed
  • generator frequency
  • turbine load
  • turbine inlet pressures
  • exhaust header pressures
  • tie-line power

Fault-tolerant I/O handling and processing

  • Latent fault detection on relay outputs
  • Time-stamped alarms and trips
  • Discrete input time-stamp with 1 ms resolution
  • Analog input time-stamp with 5 ms resolution
  • Extensive fault detection and annunciation—including first-out indication
  • Critical speed avoidance (3 speed bands)
  • Auto start sequence (hot & cold starts)
  • Three sensors per critical parameter can be configured
  • Dual speed/load dynamics
  • Zero speed detection with proximity probe down to 0.5 Hz
  • Peak speed indication for overspeed trip
  • Automatic hand valve operation (using first stage pressure)
  • Independent Modbus® * communication links
  • Remote analog setpoints for all PIDs
  • CCT (Configuration & Commissioning Tool)—17” (43 cm) touchscreen engineering workstation for configuration, service, and Turbine operation.

5009FT control functional capabilities:

  • Speed/frequency control
  • Turbine or generator load control/limiting
  • Extraction and/or admission header pressure control
  • Compressor control (optional add-on)
  • 1 or 2 loop
  • Anti-surge protection
  • Performance control
  • Turbine inlet header pressure control/limiting
  • Turbine exhaust header pressure control/limiting
  • Plant import/export power control/limiting
  • Isochronous load sharing between units (with EGCP-3 controls)
  • Any process directly related to unit load
  • Proportional or integrating Servo Position Control with LVDT/RVDT excitation (part number dependent)



  • Redundant power supplies with the following input options: 18–32 Vdc, 100–150 Vdc, 88–132 Vac (47–63 Hz), 180–264 Vac (47–63 Hz), 200–300 Vdc


  • 4 MPUs (1–30 Vrms) or proximity probes (24 Vdc and 12 Vdc power provided), 0.5 to 25 kHz

Discrete Inputs:

  • 24 contact inputs 24 V (CE or UL) or 125 Vdc (UL only) (1 dedicated, 23 programmable)

Analog Inputs:

  • 8 programmable 4–20 mA inputs (32 inputs with compressor control option)


Valve/Actuator Drivers:  

  • 2 single-coil (proportional) or 2 dual-coil actuator outputs (4–20 mA or 20–160 mA), Optional—2 integrating ±200 mA max integrating actuator outputs with 2 LVDT or RVDT or 1–5 V or 4–20 mA position feedback inputs

Discrete Outputs:

  • 12 relay outputs with latent fault detection (1 dedicated, 11 programmable)

Analog Outputs:

  • 4 programmable 4–20 mA outputs (12 outputs with compressor control option)


  • Ethernet 6 10/100BaseT Ports (Modbus TCP or UDP & Service Tool communication)
  • Serial 3 Modbus (ASCII or RTU) communication ports (RS-232, 242, 285 compatible)

Operating Conditions

  • Temperature 0 to 55 °C (32 to 131 °F) ambient air temperature range
  • Shock US MIL-STD-810C, method 516.2-1, procedure 1B
  • Vibration Lloyd’s ENV2 test #1
  • Emissions EN61000-6-4
  • Immunity EN61000-6-2

Regulatory Compliance

(Listings are limited only to those units bearing the appropriate Marking or Agency Identification)

European Compliance for CE Marking:  

  • EMC Directive: 2004/108/EC
  • Low Voltage Directive: 2006/95/EC

North American Compliance:  

  • CSA Certified for Ordinary Locations in the United States and Canada using CSA / UL 61010-1 

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