Nexen Buzzard Platform I

Telic Engineering Ltd was subcontracted to represent our client during a 4000 hour preventative maintenance inspection of the GT-B LM2500 plus SAC G4 gasturbine, package, and auxiliary systems on board of the Buzzard platform, offshore UK, and operated by Nexen. This included supporting mechanical and instrumental inspection activities for which […]

Britannia Platform

Telic Engineering Ltd received an assignment to represent MTU Power as their control and instrumentation engineer to support the start-up of a GE LM5000 gasturbine-compressor following a 4000 hour preventative maintenance service on board the ConocoPhillips Britannia platform located offshore, UK. The tasks consisted of monitoring the control system for proper sequencing, […]

Agbami – FPSO II

Telic Engineering received another assignment on board the Agbami FPSO located offshore Nigeria to support a 8000 hour preventative maintenance service on one of their LM2500+ SAC gasturbine-compressors. Specifically the tasks consisted of water washing the turbine, verifying the control, protection, instrumentation, valves, and calibrating the geometry. Additional the mechanic […]

Millcreek – Control Upgrade

Telic Engineering Ltd was subcontracted and represented our client during an upgrade at Millcreek Power Station located in St. George, Utah, US. Specifically the hardware was upgraded from a NetCon to a MicroNet Plus control system which interfaces with the existing field devices and on-engine hardware that provide core fuel […]

Agbami – FPSO I

Telic Engineering received an assignment to convert and functional verify going from single fuel to dual fuel operation for three LM2500+ SAC gasturbine-generators on board the Agbami FPSO located offshore Nigeria. Specifically the tasks consisted of replacing single fuel nozzles with dual fuel nozzles, install primary and secondary liquid fuel […]

Season’s Greetings

The end of the year brings no greater joy than the opportunity to express to you season’s greetings and good wishes. May your holidays and the new year be filled with joy.

Spinetta Marengo

Provided services as commissioning manager during an installation and commissioning of a new GE LM2500 DLE gasturbine-generator package located at Solvay Specialty Polymers, Spinetta Marengo, Italy. The responsibilities included: Ensure environmental, health and safety (EHS) commitments are maintained. Organizing daily meetings with the site team, and the end user. Identify […]

Zappalorto – Argentina

Telic Engineering Ltd received an assignment to represent NRG Australia as the commissioning engineer for the start-up of four GE TM2500+ gen 7 units installed by APR Energy in Zappalorto, Argentina. The four units combined produce over 100 MW of electricity for the Argentinian utility grid. Specifically the responsibilities comprised […]

Glen Lyon – FPSO

Telic Engineering was contracted by our client to supply services on the newly build FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading) from BP (British Petroleum). Specific tasks were the installation and verification of hydraulic starter clutch speed probes used for hydraulic starter over-speed protection in the four LM2500 gasturbine-generators on board. […]

Nexen Scott – II

Represented my client for a second trip to Nexen Scott as the control engineer delivering support during the 8000 hours service for the Unit A LM5000 that is used as the gasturbine-generator on the offshore Nexen Scott platform in the North Sea UK sector. This support resulted in safety and […]